Répertoire commun des années précédentes

Les plus anciens participants ont l’habitude de jouer un certains nombre d’airs dont certains peuvent être appris pour accélérer la fusion de vos répertoires en un pot commun, et ainsi multiplier les chances de jouer ensemble.

Répertoire Atelier Irlandais (démarré avec l’atelier des « Wild Geese » à Redon en 2008, poursuivi à Saint-Herblain avec les « Happy Sessionneurs » depuis 2010)

  1. Castle Kelly / Tommy Peoples / The Mountain Road (reels)
  2. The Humours of Bandon / Micho Russels (jig + reel)
  3. Slieve Russel / Jim Wards (jigs)
  4. Jig for Sport / Paddy Fahy’s (jigs)
  5. The new Post-Office / Banshee’s (reels)
  6. Tammlin (The Glasgow Reel) (reel)
  7. Killavil / The Pipe on the Hob (jigs)
  8. The Mist covered the Mountain / The dusty Windowsills (jigs)
  9. Inisheer (= Aran Island Waltz) (air)
  10. The long Acre (K. Burke) / Cuz Teahan’s (reels)
  11. The Night when poor Harry was stretched (slip jig)
  12. A Fig for a Kiss / The Butterfly (slip jigs)
  13. The Ebb Tide (= Brown Coffin) (hornpipe)
  14. O’Carolan’s Welcome (O’Carolan) (planxty)
  15. Julia Clifford’s (hornpipe)
  16. Fanny Power (O’Carolan) (planxty)
  17. Julia Delaney’s / The Star of Munster (reels)
  18. The Wind that shakes the Barley / Man of the House (reels)
  19. Bill Collin’s / Thunderhead (Gray Larsen) (jigs)
  20. Bo mhin na Toitean (highland)
  21. Dick Gossip / The Mouth of Tobique (reels)
  22. Suite de polkas, dont Stitches full of Britches (polkas)
  23. Morrisson’s / Seamheac Tube Station (J. Carty) (jigs)
  24. Captain O’Kane (O’Carolan) (planxty)
  25. Strayaway Child (M. Gorman) (jig)
  26. Eddie Kelly’s / The Geese in the Bog (jigs)
  27. The Rights of Man / Smuggler’s / Johnny’s Wedding (hornpipes)
  28. The Fermoy Lasses / The Wild Irishman (reels)
  29. Calum’s Road (comp. D. Shaw) (strathspey)
  30. The Maid I ne’er Forgot / Walter Simmon’s Grandmother (reels)
  31. The new Land (= Ennis Waltz) (valse, jouée en Fa)
  32. Joe Bane’s (fling)
  33. Rolling in the Barrel / The House of Hamill / Concertina Reel
  34. George White’s Favourite / The Virginia Reel (reels)
  35. McGoldrick’s (M. McGoldrick) / Nina’s Jig (N. Vallely)
  36. Muireann’s Jig (N. Vallely)
  37. Dever the Dancer / The Cock and the Hen /Chloë’s Passion (slip Jigs)
  38. The Glenside / The Ballinahulla / Paddy’s N°2 (polkas)
  39. The Lakes of Pontchartrain (song)
  40. The Humours of Ballyconnell / McDonagh’s (reels)
  41. The Launching of the Boat /Flogging reel
  42. Cooley’s / The Maid behind the Bar / Tom Ward’s Downfall (reels)
  43. Out on the Ocean / Scatter the Mud (jigs)
  44. The Lilac’s / Three Scones of Boxty / Donald Blue / Sleep soond da Moarning (reel)
  45. Monaghan Jig
  46. The Goat on the Green / Will you come Home with me ? (jigs)
  47. The Eel in the Sink / Miss Brady’s / Monaghan Twig
  48. Murphy’s / The little Stack of Barley (hornpipes)
  49. Fred Finn’s / Imelda Roland’s (reels)
  50. O’Keeffe’s Polka / The blue Ribbon / The Sligo Polka
  51. Christy Barry’s set : The Flowers of Burren / The Butlers of Glen Avenue (jigs)
  52. Autumn Child (slow reel)
  53. Padraig O’Keeffe’s / Art O’Keefe’s / I’d rather be married than left / Nora Chrionna (slides)
  54. The Humours of Tulla / The Teetotaler / The Sailor on the Rock (reels)
  55. Spindle Shanks / Tommy Coen’s / The Otter’s Olt (reels)
  56. Lady Montgomary / S’iomadh rua (reels)
  57. The Congress / The Cup of Tea (reels)
  58. Hunting the Squirrel (marche)
  59. Miller’s Maggot / Up Leitrim ! (jigs)
  60. Joe Bane’s / Pigtown (flings ou reels)
  61. Open House / Davy McGuire’s (polkas)
  62. The Harvest / Mickey Callaghan’s Favourite (hornpipes)
  63. The old torn Pettycoat / Farewell to Milltown (reels)
  64. The snowy Path / Ryan’s (slip jigs)
  65. Matt Peoples’ (2 reels)
  66. Far Away (valse folk US)
  67. The Limerick Lasses / The green Fields of Rossbeigh (reels)
  68. The Bird in the Bush / The Silver Spear (reels)
  69. The Maids of Mitchelstown (reel)
  70. The King of the Fairies (setdance)
  71. Ballydesmond #2 et #3 / Mrs Crowley’s (polkas)
  72. The Trip to Durrow / The Star of Munster (reels)
  73. The Holly Bush / Mayor Harrison Fedora (reels)
  74. Throw the Beetle at Her / Tír Rafartaigh (slip jigs)
  75. Hornpipe + Reel : Murphy’s / The Fermoy Lasses
  76. Polkas : Johnny I do miss you / I looked East and I looked West / Jimmy Doyle’s
  77. Reels : The Road to Lisdoonvarna / The Maple Leaf
  78. The Bag of Spuds (reel)
  79. The Promenade / The Cucanandy (hop jigs)
  80. Cornelius Curtin’s Big Ballon / The Mouse in the Kitchen (jigs)
  81. The Ash Plant / Easy Club Reel
  82. O’Connell’s Trip to Parliament / Jimmy’s Return (reels)
  83. Flatworld (valse folk d’Andy Cutting)

Airs plus ardus,  joués moins souvent :

Paddy Canny’s Toast (Charlie Lennon) (reel)

Splendid Isolation (Brendan McGlinchey) / Merle’s Tune (Liz Carroll) (reels)

The Bee’s Wing (James Hill) (hornpipe)

Farewell to Tchernobyl (Michel Ferry) (reel)



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